Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 versus Note 1 and it’s Release Date

It is debatable no matter if this organization has completely influenced consumers relating to the worth on the so referred to as ‘phablet’ having said that the name itself, encompassing aspects of telephone and also the tablet rolled into a single have a thing to tickle your minds. But this subject has not stopped this Korean Organization to upgrade the Galaxy Note to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, unveiled in the course of IFA in Berlin. Comparing the specs of the most current Galaxy Note 2 to it is predecessor could be a very good technique to significantly know the similarities as well as the differences in the two items.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Final year around this time, the Samsung Galaxy Note was introduced for the public. This year, August 29 was the date set to announce the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 before the  IFA  2012 starts in Berlin. This move on the Korean tech giant is no longer surprising due to the anticipated release of iPhone 5 sometime in September this year. This Unpacked occasion of Samsung has not simply announced its new Galaxy Note 2 but other solutions also. According to some reports, Samsung will probably be releasing the new phone in Korea around October, in UK around November and December as its release date for US shoppers.

+++Size and Weight+++

The dimensions of Galaxy Note are 146.9mm x 83mm x 9.7mm that leaves you with this cross breed of telephone and tablet. The Galaxy Note 2 has expanded its screen to 151.1mm x 80.5mm x 9.4mm to ensure that it might accommodate bigger LCD. Because of this, its weight has jumped from 178g to 180g. In case you are struggling together with the weight plus the width of the this phablet, you’ll absolutely possess the exact same challenge using the new Galaxy Note 2. On the other hand, this is resulting from the upgrades made by the company.

The screen is one of the upgrades made by the firm. Due to this larger device won’t fit in any pockets, this Galay Note 2 maximises its screen to enhance tablet viewing encounter. The predecessor measure 5.3 inches whilst the new Note 2 is 5.five inches wide. However the downgrade of this Galaxy Note two is its resolution which decreases from 1,280 by 800 pixels or 295 ppi from the older model to 1,280 by 720 piels or 267 ppi within the most recent model. This is just a eagle eyed display which will certainly trigger disappointments to shoppers who expect superior functions in the new model.

+++Storage & Memory+++

Galaxy Note just have 16GB storage and memory whereas the Note two has the editions of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB at the identical time allowing buyers to have more storage spaces. Samsung has deepes the memory reserves to make this upgrade superior. The new Note two could be supported using the 64GB mircroSD cards which is better than the 32GB external storage from the previous model. The RAM is doubled at the same time which is 2GB compared to 1GB of its predecessor which makes Note two superior in performance.
From dual-core towards quad-core has produced a usual upgrade when smart phones and tablet manufacturers have launched their new models. Samsung is 1 of them and has embraced the fleet created by other companies. The transformation of Galaxy Note to Galaxy Note two has undergone exactly the same process. Thie upgrade has more power as a result of the quad core Exynus system on a chip that clocks in 1.6GHz compared to 1.4GHz on the original Galaxy Note.

Samsung is not take the risk of dabbling with various operating systems to be used in its devices even so the accomplishment of using Android on smartphones has chosen the Jelly Bean 4.1 for its Galaxy Note 2 phablet. The older Galaxy Note model was basically upgradable from the 2.3 Gingerbread towards 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich yet its potential suitors can find the new Google OS a bonus. Reviews can attest that this product has scored 9 out 10 from satisfied customers.

The rear camera of galaxy Note two is 8 megapixels same with all the previous model although the front facing cam has step down from 2 megapiels to 1.9 on the other hand the options for capturing videos is still 1080p. While Samsung has chosen stick compared to twist in terms of camera department, the corporation has not envison both models to loads of snap shots.

Using the upgraded battery from two,500mAH from the original model to 3,100mAH in the Galaxy Note two, this can be powerful enough to support the specs from the new model. Comapred to Apple as its rival and is known for shorter battery life, this feature has produced galay Note two one particular on the must have phablets inside the market.

The Galaxy Note is available with built-in 4G LTE along with the HSPA+. On the other hand the most recent Galaxy Note two possessed similar connectivity functions. So this phablets is high speed connectivity ready yet there are no news concerning on what network it an run faster.

The price of Galay Note two is still running between £400 or less depending on the characteristics you wished to include such as the storage and memory. Due to the stiff competition, Samsung is still on the verge of thinking how high this phablets will cost since customers expects more from the corporation.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Iphone 4S. Which one is fantastic?

On the subject of flagship phones, the iPhone 4S is still thought of to be the well-liked choice amongst quite a few shoppers worldwide. Having said that, the Korean tech giant, Samsung has not too long ago launched its most up-to-date flagship telephone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now the customers are confused which to choose since the S3 is packed with incredible features and cutting edge technologies. I hope this comparison will enable within your decision.
Let’s speak in regards to the screen initial. The newest Smartphones these days are created with touch screen and this function is amongst the most important items to verify and evaluate. It also consists of the resolution along with the pixel density of the screen. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a wider screen compared to that from the iPhone 4S Singapore. It really is designed with a 4.8 inch screen display even though only 3.five inches for iPhone 4S. Just like the Galaxy S2, it is also developed with Super AMOLED screen technologies using a resolution of 1280 x 720 and it’s all in an HD display. This screen technology makes it simple to view the display even under direct sunlight.Samsung Galaxy S3

Even though a bit smaller in size, the display top quality with the iPhone 4S is known to become the most beneficial inside the marketplace. The pixel density may be the highest with 331 ppi, due to its retina display feature. It can be sometimes difficult for the normal vision of your person to locate the person pixel within the display. As a result, the iPhone 4S is good for displaying media contents, watching videos and playing games. The greatest distinction is in all probability the screen. Should you want a bigger 1, then the S3 is right for you but in the event you usually do not normally use multimedia content material and also you want greater resolution regardless of the little screen size, the iPhone 4S may be the best option.

Iphone 4S Singapore

      One more feature that the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S have similarity could be the voice command method. The iPhone 4S call it Siri even though the S3 contact it an S-Voice feature.

Siri is one of the preferred features on the iPhone 4S. It really is the very first of all voice command mainstream systems in Smartphones and upon its launch; many people had been already intrigued by it. The Siri works or carry out its tasks making use of easy voice commands. Say for example if you ask Siri about site visitors in a certain region, it is going to use the net to locate the spot using the aid of apps like Google Map to provide updates. Should you wish to command Siri to open a specific web site, it is actually feasible. Just be sure you will be connected for the world wide web all of the time. For those who do not have web connection, it is possible to still use Siri. You could command Siri to locate a specific speak to number, you could possibly command it to write a brand new message, or even set alarms and appointments inside your calendar. You are able to play a song by telling iTunes the particular title. Here is a video from youtube about the SIRI on Iphone 4S and S-Voice for Samsung Galaxy S3:

S-Voice of Samsung Galaxy S3 has somehow exact same functionality together with the Siri but it only performs with Android OS as an alternative to the iOS platform from the iPhone 4S. The user opens the Siri application manually. But with S-Voice, users can turn it on by simply saying “Hi Galaxy”. This tends to make it totally hands-free. With regards to overall performance, the S-Voice is better since the S3 Wi-Fi and 3G connections carry out quicker as well as the processor of your S3 is more effective than that of the iPhone 4S.

They are only two of the attributes getting compared but these are essentially the most talked about capabilities in each iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3. Some functions with the iPhone 4S may perhaps be attractive to lots of customers though some choose the characteristics of your S3.

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